Baling in Monsoon or Moderate Humidity Conditions

The Monsoon Season

For many, the monsoon seasons have arrived, which makes it difficult to put up hay. Often, the hay is too wet during the night to bale, and too dry during the day. If you’re lucky, you might find a short window of time where the hay is just right. It’s challenging, but the steamer can make it much easier. This blog discusses how to best utilize the DewPoint steamer in moderate humidity conditions. If you are dealing with high humidity conditions, check out our blog on baling in high humidity conditions where we discuss baling with stem moisture and using a preservative.

Baling During The Day

When baling in moderate humidity conditions or during monsoon seasons when the moisture from natural dew is too high at night, many DewPoint machine operators will wait until the nighttime dew is gone in the late morning or early afternoon and then start baling. In these conditions most baling will be done in the afternoon and early evening hours before the natural dew sets in too heavy again.

Applying Steam During The Day

In the morning, when the sun comes up, the heavy nighttime dew starts to burn off and sink to the bottom of windrow, leaving the top of the windrow dry and crispy. With the steamer, you can use the dew at the bottom of the windrow, and inject steam into the top of the windrow. As you bale throughout the day, you can make steam adjustments as you see fit to keep the moisture in each bale consistent. For more on adjusting steam rates click here. DewPoint machine operators will typically be able to bale hay with steam throughout the day and maintain good moisture, and by using the Gazeeka moisture sensor, you will know how much steam to apply to keep the moisture in an acceptable range. For more on using the gazeeka to judge bale moisture read this blog.


Dealing with humid conditions while trying to find the perfect baling window is tough, but being able to make quality hay during the day when the hay is dry makes it much easier. Alan Adams, steamer owner in Parowan, Utah states, “It’s a dream come true to be able to produce ‘dew’ when you need it. If you ask me my favorite thing about it, it’s absolutely the versatility of being able to deal with so many situations and have one thing that can change the game for you.

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