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The DewPoint 331 hay steamer will be used with two-string, three-string, and round balers. This past summer we have had 7 pre-production beta machines successfully operating around the west, and we are ready to move into the next phase of the project - Limited factory production and dealer involvement.

Staheli West, Inc. will produce a significant, but still limited number of machines in 2021. The machines are scheduled to go into production in February 2021 for a March-April delivery to our dealers and customers. This 1st batch of DewPoint 331 machines are all committed and pre-sold.

There is a possibility of a 2nd batch of DewPoint 331 machines that may go into production for a June delivery.  There may still be some availability for this 2nd batch of machines, so if you are interested and serious about purchasing a small steamer for the 2021 hay season, please contact your Local Dealer or Staheli West Territory Manager!


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Read the information brochure for the new DewPoint 331 hay steamer. Learn the spec's, how it's works, tractor requirements and more!

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This is for the 2020+ DewPoint hay steamer
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