What is Staheli West?

It All Started With a Taco Restaurant

Staheli West, Inc. was founded by Dave Staheli in 1988, while managing Brent Hunter Farms in Cedar City, Utah. The Summer of 1994 was predominantly hot and dry, and Dave had grown weary of not having any natural dew. He was faced with the decision to bale dry hay that would shatter the leaves and lower the value of the hay, or continue to wait and risk further loss of quality. After seeking inspiration from above, he recalled seeing a tortilla steamer at a taco restaurant and the idea to apply steam to hay was born. In 1996, after much trial and error, Dave successfully developed the first steamer that would be placed between the tractor and baler, and it worked great, and the results were even better.

Original DewPoint

One of the very first prototype hay steamers

Dave operated the first version on Brent Hunter’s farm from 1996 To 2008. In 2006, Dave began redesigning the machine for commercial use with a focus on automating the burner and boiler and making it easy for farmers to operate. Dave went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the DewPoint machine. The DewPoint 6110 was born and after two years of successful operation, the machine was ready to be brought to the market. In 2010, Staheli West built the first five machines in Hunter’s hay barn for commercial sale, and the rest is history.


First DewPoint 6110’s built in Brent Hunter’s hay barn

Staheli West Today

Today, Staheli West is the world leader in steaming forage crops, and is changing agriculture all over the world. From all over the U.S., to Argentina, Australia, and Mexico, Staheli West’s brand is recognized for its innovative equipment.  We take pride in not only revolutionizing the agricultural industry, but in changing the lives of our customers and employees for the better.

Because Staheli West is a family-owned company, we value family and community.  Our mission is to raise individual, family and community standards while revolutionizing the agricultural industry, and we put a lot of emphasis on continuous improvement of our business and ourselves personally.  We consider ourselves a people improvement factory where we happen to make farm equipment.

What We Have to Offer

This is the first of hopefully many monthly newsletters.   Our goal is to provide our readers and followers with information and educational material that can help them both in their farming operations and their utilization of the DewPoint hay steamer.  Our founder, Dave Staheli, and many others in our organization have years of experience either working in or managing forage operations.  We hope to take that experience and provide content that is interesting and stimulating.  Some of the topics that we will cover over the months in this monthly newsletter are as follows:

  • Best practices and techniques when it comes to harvesting and baling forage crops
  • Different tools and equipment used to bale forage crops
  • Baling hay in different climatic conditions
  • Judging moisture in hay and forage crops
  • Best practices and techniques for stacking and storing crops
  • Best practices and techniques for irrigating, cutting, and raking alfalfa hay
  • Managing bale temperature
  • Proper utilization of the DewPoint hay steamer

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying About the DewPoint Machine

Our vision reads, “Changing Agriculture, Changing Lives,” and that’s really what we are all about.  Improving the way farmers live drives us to continue to improve current products and develop new products that significantly improve a farmers way of life.  See how we’ve been able to change these farmers’ lives.


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