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Revolutionizing the Agricultural Industry in Parowan, Utah

A story of five families and over five generations of farmers living in the Parowan Valley of Southern Utah. How one machine, the DewPoint Hay Steamer, has changed their operations, their lives, their families, and their community.

Bracken Farms Part 1

The Brackens tried everything from spraying water on the windrows to baling with stem moisture before they bought the steamers.

Bracken Farms Part 2

The Brackens went from a 6-man crew of 4 balers and 2 water trucks, down to a 2-man operation with 2 steamers, and are able to bale 1600 acres in 3 days.

The 72-Hour Challenge

In 2013, Staheli West baled non-stop and made over 4,500 bales of high-quality hay in a 72-hour period.

DewPoint Owner Interviews Compilation

“The biggest game changer.” “One of the greatest things we’ve come across.” “Nothing has changed the game as much as the steamer has.” See what some of our customers are saying about the steamer.

Brandon Yardley Interview

Brandon Yardley states that his steamer will pay for itself in one year on added bale weight alone.

What is Staheli West?

The idea of applying steam to hay came to Dave Staheli after watching a restaurant worker steam tortillas.

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