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Making Dew: The Story of How it all Started

A Taco Restaurant – That’s where the idea to apply steam to hay came from.  Watch the entire inspirational and miraculous story of how Dave Staheli, founder of Staheli West, came up with and developed the DewPoint Hay Steamer. Watch the entire series HERE!

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Baling Hay the Bill Perry Way

Bill Perry from Tonopah, Arizona is a fifth-generation farmer making hay in the desert. Bill was always intrigued by the DewPoint steamer and the fact that you can make your own "dew." See how the steamer has changed Bill's operation and his hay. Bill states, "You need to buy a steamer if you're in the hay business." Find out why in this video!

The Bales Hay Journey

In the face of brutally arid climates, inconsistent dew, and high wind conditions, can the new Staheli 331 DewPoint Steamer help overcome these extreme challenges to create consistent, quality hay and improve the lives of these veteran farmers in the process? To follow the series click HERE and make sure to subscribe!

Why is the Steam Injected at the Baler

We hear this question a lot - "Why is the steam injected where it is? Won't I lose leaves at the pickup?" Watch this video to hear from Dave and Brent about their experience that day, and to learn why the steam is injected into the hay right at the baler pickup!

Getting A Double Return on Investment

Perry Van Tassell, owner of Hidden Valley Organic in Idaho, states that he is receiving a double return on his DewPoint 6210 investment. Perry not only runs an organic dairy, but he also produces all of the hay that he feeds.

Steaming Hay With the Roberts

The DewPoint hay steamer has been a huge financial benefit to the Roberts on their family farm.  Don Roberts, Owner of Roberts Legacy Farms, states: "I can change all my equipment out with the money it makes me because of the steamer."

Revolutionizing the Agricultural Industry in Parowan, Utah

A story of five families and over five generations of farmers living in the Parowan Valley of Southern Utah. How one machine, the DewPoint Hay Steamer, has changed their operations, their lives, their families, and their community.

How the Steamer Pays for Itself

You want a steamer, but you just don't know how to justify the cost. You think you are too small or it's just wishful thinking... THINK AGAIN! Download the ROI Value Assessment Spreadsheet.

Steaming Hay in the Red Rocks near Kanab, Utah

Mike and Nathan are a testament that the steamer isn’t just for the huge, commercial hay farmer.  It’s the every-day family-run farms and smaller hay operations that are benefiting from the DewPoint machine all of the world.

Bracken Farms Part 1

The Brackens tried everything from spraying water on the windrows to baling with stem moisture before they bought the steamers.

Bracken Farms Part 2

The Brackens went from a 6-man crew of 4 balers and 2 water trucks, down to a 2-man operation with 2 steamers, and are able to bale 1600 acres in 3 days.

Is the DewPoint Hay Steamer Worth It?

The steamer is an expensive investment.  However, it pays for itself very quickly.  See what some of our customers are saying about how the steamer is paying for itself on their operations.

What are the Hay Buyers Saying

Our customers often get asked, "Is that steamed hay?" Steamed hay is something the hay buyers and dairymen alike are asking for. 

Crank up the Steam!

What's the key to making great hay? Boyd  Badders, owner of Red Rock Hay Company, says it's attention to detail, and that you have to CRANK UP THE STEAM!

The 72-Hour Challenge

In 2013, Staheli West baled non-stop and made over 4,500 bales of high-quality hay in a 72-hour period.

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